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The Complete Feeding Station Kit is a complete solution to attracting wildlife to your garden. If you’re in the business of providing food and water for your local flying wildlife, then we here at Home and Roost solute you. The natural food supply, as well as the diversity of food needed for different types, is sadly becoming limited. We believe it’s the duty of every garden owner no matter how big or small to have some offering our feathery friends can appreciate.

The AshmanOnline (an excellent source of info) recommend that you offer different bird Station to accommodate different kinds of birds that come across your garden. Sounds like a good idea to us!

This decorative bird feeding station makes a fantastic focal point in your garden and is great for attracting a wide variety of birds, such as Robins, Blue Tits and Blackbirds.

The station enables you to provide food and water in a way that is suited to different types of birds. For example, the tray is suitable for birds such as Wood Pigeons, whereas the hanging feeders will attract birds such as Great Tits. After a while, the birds in the local area will learn that it is a great place to get some food and water, and it will get plenty of feathered visitors. Placing it near a window, or conservatory will provide real enjoyment for people interested in wildlife.