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Ashman Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner Round Wire Plant Holder Chain Flower Pots Hanger for Indoor and Outdoor Garden Decoration (4)

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Features: -

- It is Perfect for holding household or garden plants as well as everyday household items.

- The chains clip to the loop at the top of the basket and provide balance when hanging the basket from the ceiling or your chosen hook attachment point.

- Both the hook and chain are removable and allow for adjusting the height of the basket to your desired level.

- Natural coconut liner helps to hold your plants or miscellaneous objects inside.

- Looks great as an exterior or interior decoration.

This type of wrought iron coconut palm hanging flower pot, the frame is iron products, for rust treatment, the inner shell is used coconut shell - It is processed into coconut brown silk, mixed with natural rubber, and then artificially made in the stone mold with a mallet. - It has hydrophobic air permeability and can be directly placed in the soil. - It is very suitable for planting flower plants, such as green dill/ ivy/ snapdragon/ spider blue, etc. used to insert artificial flowers is also very beautiful.

Package included: 4 x wall hanging flower pot (plants and flowers not included).

Ashman prides itself in offering these premium and exclusive products.

Ideal for your lawn, garden, and outdoors. "Hassle-Free" - Unsatisfied? Ask for a refund right away, anytime. Hassle-free!'''