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Ashman Spiral Ground Anchor, 16 Inches, with Folding Ring for Securing Tents, Canopies, Sheds, Swing sets, Powder-Coated Solid Steel Auger, Set of 6

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The right tool for securing heavy items to the ground.

Versatile The Ashman vortex spiral ground anchor are versatile and can be used in many common projects around the home whereever a secure tie-down method is needed the steel spiral design cropped tip and folding top ring make installation easy and allows to easily secure backyard tents and canopies, outdoor furniture, children's play equipment and landscaping projects they're also great to have when holding down protective tarps or covers when storing boats, campers and other similar sized items.

Performance Each length of vortex ground anchors offers a different performance level the longer the anchor the more pull force performance is generated depending on soil type the 8 inch anchors provide up to 125 pounds of pull force the 10 inch offers up to 275 pounds and the longest 16 inch anchor produces up to 475 pounds.

6 Pack

Pack of 6

Secure the kid's play set or swing set, hold down outdoor furniture that keeps blowing away, or keep a tarp secured over a boat or RV. Ashman anchors are rugged yet easy to use.

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