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Ashman Ground Anchor with 100 Feet of Galvanized Wire with Clamps – Ideal for Securing Animals, Tents, Canopies, Sheds, Swing Sets,– Pack of 8

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    • GREAT VALUE: Auger set includes 8 ground anchors 15 Inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter with 100 feet of galvanized wire and 16 clamps in a pouches. The Augers are rated for 3000 lbs pull out capacity and are Ideal for securing animals anchoring boat to the shore, tie-down ground structures like sheds, carports, gazebos, travel trailers, cabins, chicken coops, garages, small buildings, shipping containers, trampolines, playground playsets, kid’s swing sets, slides, deer stands, canopies, temporary shelters, campers, fencing, and fence.
    • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: The Ashman ground anchors have been designed to easily penetrate the soil by inserting the helix edge in the ground by hammering the top and thereby providing an insertion point and thereafter simply rotating the top head with a small rod or piece of wood until it gets fully inserted in the ground, keeping the ground wet before starting the job makes it easier to penetrate the soil.
    • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Black powder coated and made with top-quality metal. The black ground anchors can secure fixtures and excel at tying down against wind objects like tarmac, sheds, Securing Tents, Canopies, Sheds, Carports, Swing-sets, Trampoline, Tent Stakes, Tents, Gazebo, Tarp Tie Down.., etc.
    • PREMIUM METAL: With Strong weld points on the ground anchor it makes it virtually indestructible and with the thick powder coating will make it last a lifetime.
    • NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE: Our simple policy is to make our customers happy. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money. No questions asked! Restore the peace around your family, kids, or even neighbors and restore the love. BUY NOW with confidence!

    Tie-down any object to the ground

    Our Spiral Ground Anchor Features Majestic Quality, Longevity & Quality Design!!

    If you've clicked on this page we know that you are interested in details of the most versatile ground anchoring system

    Need to hold down any object to the ground? We've got the solution

    The Ashman ground anchor with 100 Feet of Wire and 16 clamps is designed for anchoring trees, wooden or metal play structures firmly to the ground. This shape also optimizes the transport volume because they can be packed more compactly in a box.

    Creative Outdoor Uses.

    For use in securing personal property to the ground in the event of wind, storm, or as a theft deterrent. This product is made  of cold, rolled steel for durability and strength

    Key Features:


  • Strong and durable anchoring system.
  • The life span of an anchor or its wire is not limited by sunlight exposure.
  • Last for years & years with proper care!
  • Special designs can be flush mounted for patio applications.
  • Wire included in the box provides several uses on its own. You can tow a car, boat, tie-down dogs, cows, sheep, and horses to the ground with the noose around the neck.


    Each length of vortex ground anchors offers a different performance level the longer the anchor the more pull force performance is generated depending on soil type the 8-inch anchors provide up to 125 pounds of pull force the 10 inch offers up to 275 pounds and the longest 16-inch anchor produces up to 475 pounds.

    Soil Type Performance also varies depending on soil type ground moisture and correct installation.

    Guaranteed to last for years to come our superior-quality, exquisite products guarantee and sustainability.