Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 48 Inches Tall, Pack of 10 Hooks

Vendor: AshmanOnline
  • DYNAMIC USES: This 48 inch high 0.25 diameter and 9.5 inches wide pack of 10 Shepherd hooks will add beauty to your outdoor living space by hanging wide variety of solar lights, signs, flowers baskets, small bird feeders etc.
  • QUALITY: Powder coating which will last for many seasons to come if not forever and these hooks are easy to carry and move around your garden.
  • STUNNING: Vintage look and black finish will adds elegance and beauty to your garden. These hooks have an outstanding shine and look stunning in almost any garden landscape.
  • MULTI-FACETED: Endless uses of these hooks and only your imagination to limit you and some of the uses we can suggest hanging wedding decoration, insect repellents, shooting targets, isle markers, at campgrounds. You will be amazed at how useful they can be.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE:: With a life-time guarantee, Ashman offers a full-refund if you're not satisfied!


$49.99 $74.00
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