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Ashman Garden Decor

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch, 1/2-Inch Diameter Thick, Super Strong, Rust Resistant Steel Hook (2 pack, Black)

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Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

Bring the wonders of nature right up to your window!

Have you ever spent hours looking for a perfect gift for your parents?

Do you wish you could interest your kids in something other than their phones?

Do you feel sorry for your cat, bored and alone while you work?

Do you love garden birds?

We do too!

Dexterous, Sensual, and Rustic.

These hooks bring a wondrous subtlety to your garden, refining and invigorating it with beauty reminiscent of Victorian grace. At 92 inches of height and 12 inches wide, and 1/2-Inch Diameter Thick.

These hooks provide the stability, sturdiness, and hold that can easily withstand strong winds without affecting the object hanging from them.

Elegant and Captivating Form - The luscious dark tint and eloquent finish of the hooks provide the perfect premise for enhancing anything hanging from it for a spellbinding effect!

Perfect for Wedding, Christmas, Halloween, housewarming, or Valentine gifts!

Wondrous ability to effortlessly blend with surroundings and backdrops; providing a breathtaking visual effect for every beholder! Ashman Superior Quality Promise - We affirm the flawless grade and pristine quality metal used to construct these hooks as genuine works of art! - Able to support light to medium loads as in solar lights or signs with a meticulously designed 1/2-Inch diameter pole built to last.

Easy Assembly!

Finest in Steel Quality Mold and Strength Ensures that the Highest Quality Hooks.

These hooks surpass industry standards and exceed those available in any other store.

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch
  • DYNAMIC USES: This 92 inch high 1/2-Inch Diameter Thick and 12 inches wide Shepherd hooks will add beauty to your outdoor living space by hanging a wide variety of solar lights, signs, flowers baskets, bird feeders, mason jars, string lights, wind chimes, ornaments, plant hanger, etc.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Super quality steel construction which is 30% thicker than the competition. Powder coating to last for several seasons to come if not forever and these hooks are extremely sturdy and will look elegant anywhere around your garden.
  • STUNNING: A vintage look and black finish will add elegance and beauty to your garden. Tall shepherd hooks have a glossy shine and look stunning in almost any garden landscape project.
  • MULTI-FACETED: Endless uses of these hooks and only your imagination can limit you and some of the uses we suggest are: hanging flower baskets, use for wedding decoration, insect repellents, shooting targets, isle markers at campgrounds. You will be amazed at how useful they can be.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: With a lifetime guarantee, Ashman offers a full refund if you're not satisfied!
"No Worries"

Designed by the brightest minds, utilizing only the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing methodologies, Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.


Rust Resistant: Crafted with a durable powder coating finish to inhibit rust, just leave it in your garden whenever it rains or snows for years.

Wind Resistant: Inside curved hook make sure your bird feeder or other lightweight hangings does not slip or blow off the hook even in a strong wind.

Easy to Install: Coming in one piece of solid metal, no assemble needed can be carried around easily. Welded brace near the base to anchor the hook into the soil and keep upright.

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

Ashman Black Shepherd Hook 92 Inch

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