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Ashman Deluxe Premium Bird Feeding Station, 22" Wide x 91" Tall (82 inch Above Ground) Black with 4 Multiple Hooks and 4 Bird Feeders Hanging Kit.

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  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Rust-resistant, sturdy steel pole stands 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide. Easily adjust the bird feeding bowl or mesh tray to any desired position by loosening and tightening wing nuts by hand. No tools are required! 5 Prong Base adds stability and allows easy arrangement. Just attach the pole stabilizer then step down to the plant. Mesh tray and water bowl detach for easy cleaning. *BIRD FEEDERS INCLUDED*
  • ENTERTAINING: Attract a wide variety of birds by offering a diverse array of bird food in different types of feeders. Additional water cup provides everything birds need to make your feeding station their daily destination. Place it outside your home near a window or by your patio or deck and have a clear viewing angle to hours of consistent and delightful entertainment.
  • EFFECTIVE: Four top-level hooks are great for hanging hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders which are effective in attracting smaller birds like finches, chickadees, titmouse, and sparrows. Adjustable hooks provide more hanging options such as a suet basket for attracting nuthatches, woodpeckers, and starlings. The mesh tray can hold mealworms, peanuts, or milo which attract ground-feeding birds like cardinals, juncos, doves, and jays. An included plastic water bowl functions as a birdbath.
  • GIFT IDEA: A great gift for parents, nature lovers, and children. Maintaining the feeding station by ensuring it is well stocked and clean becomes an enjoyable activity that’s great for keeping the elderly busy or teaching young ones responsibility. The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless.
  • GUARANTEE: Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. If you'd like your money back at any time within 1 year of your purchase, just ask. Click the "Add to cart" button.