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Ashman Drain Spade - 48 Inches Long Handle Spade with D Handle Grip - Fiber Glass Handle with a Thick Metal 16 Inch Blade - Multipurpose Shovel.

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    Drain Spade shovels

    Ashman Drain Spade shovel

    Ashman Spade 

    The Ashman Drain Spade has a perfect blend of quality, construction, and durability coupled with ease of use. It has been designed to simplify the activity of gardening as a whole. Its comfortable grip and build enhance utility. 


    The 48 inches handle with a D-Cup grip provides excellent usability for purposes of Gardening, Land Scaping, Cleaning out Ditches and Digging Narrow Trenches. The ergonomic design helps apply forces in the right direction with two hands to comfortably slice through.

    Build & Construction

    The Ashman Drain Spade Shovel has a shovel that is hardened using heat and pressure treatment processes that makes it extra durable. The Fiberglass construction of the handle makes it last longer than wooden handles, being both strong and lightweight.

    The Ashman Drain Spade Shovel has been built with a purpose in mind that is exceeding the customer's expectations and outperforming the competition. We ensure that our product goes through rigorous quality and testing standards. When the product reaches you, it's ready to dig into the work directly and showcase its excellence.

    Drain Spade shovels


    • The Garden spade shovel has a straight edge blade with the short handle
    • All steel spade shovel heavy duty is very durable and sturdy
    • The round endpoint for spade shovel is perfect for digging into hard soil
    • Garden spade shovel ideal for dry areas with compact grounds
    • Strong Poly D-grip accommodates a gloves hand
    • Hardwood handle for strength and durability
    • D grip spade shovel ideal for digging in tough soil
    • The sharpened blade makes the mini spade shovel easy to penetrate

    Ashman Drain Spade

    Key Features :

    • Multipurpose Spade shovel – The heavy-duty Spade can be used for purposes like gardening, landscaping, cleaning out ditches, and digging narrow trenches. It serves all practical utilities in the garden and can be used for working in tight spaces. It is an ideal companion and will be useful every time you need it.   
    • Solid Grip with Durable Handle – The D Handle Grip made with a finely crafted durable handle provides a firm and comfortable grip with a two-handed control, enhancing efficiency when using the spade. The solid grip is built to multiply forces by a huge factor as you apply a force down this spade. 
    • Premium Quality Construction – The hardened blade is strong and highly durable. The handle made of Durable plastic will resist heat or cold transfer. You can work without any uneasiness while the handle maintains a steady temperature. Proper use of the spade in your daily gardening will make it last for a decade if not more. The  
    • Sharp blades – The finely sharpened blade penetrates hard soil and the ergonomic construction helps apply strong force to slice through easily. The toughened blades can be used to cut roots and uproot plants as a whole for shifting from one place to the other. You can work without damaging the surrounding plants  and their root systems 
    • Premium Lawn & Garden Product: Ashman only utilizes the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing methodologies in order to offer premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care

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