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Ashman Garden Cultivator (6 Pack) – Sturdy Hand Tiller / Cultivator – Heavy Duty blade for Digging, Loosening Soil and Weeding – Rust Resistant Build.

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Ashman Garden Cultivator – Sturdy Hand Tiller/Cultivator

Ashman Garden Cultivator

The Garden Cultivator is made with a highly sturdy handle that can withstand forces from all angles. This is coupled with Carbon with strong L-shaped forks that are rust-resistant and will serve their purposes for a long time without maintenance hassles.


The Garden Cultivator has a blade designed in the shape of an L that can smoothly pierce through the soil and help with weeding and loosening Soil for plantation. The Garden Cultivator just glides into the soil when digging without much effort. So you can work less and reap more benefits from the product.

Perfect Product

The product is made by combining all the best of the parts which have been intricately fixed together to give an outstanding final outcome. That is, the Ashman Garden Cultivator. Get it now and see a beautiful garden blooming in your backyard. This is the time to jump in the wagon to grab the Ashman Garden Cultivator.

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