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Ashman Ground Screw No Dig, U-Model Screw in Post Stake - 27" Inch Long, Fits Standard 4x4 (3.5" X 3.5" Inch) Great for Mailbox Posts - 2 Pack

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  • The anchor is made of galvanized steel and is over 2 feet long, which will certainly provide a sturdy foundation going in the ground that deep. It’s a good alternative for places where you may have lots of tree roots and do not want to dig a hole, disturbing the root system. Plus, it provides the advantage of being able to Install a Mailbox Post in the Winter when the ground is frozen and you are unable to dig a hole or pour concrete.

    The biggest advantage of this method over anything else is the ease of installation. You basically just “screw” the anchor into the ground using a 20″ crossbar for leverage, which is included with the kit. After the anchor is screwed into the ground, you set your wood post on the bracket and attach it using 5 lag bolts. The bracket has pre-drilled holes and the bolts are included.

    • Accommodates a standard 4x4 wood post (not included)

    • Made of Galvanized Metal. Heavy-duty ground screw. (2 Pack)

    • With this Ground Screw set, you can realize your next garden construction project easily. It’s perfectly suitable as a fundament for your new terrace or summerhouse. The ready fundament is a simple solution without concrete.

    • Hardware Included: Includes tightening rod and 6 lag bolts (use two bolts on one side and three on the other).

    • The ground anchor is simply screwed into the ground, deep enough if need be so that the lawnmower can glide over it. And when the season is over, it can just as easily be screwed out again.