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Ashman Garden Decor

Ashman Landscape Fabric Weed Blocking Mat 3' x 100', Heavy-Duty Weed Barrier Protection for Gardens and Landscaping

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  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE WEED BARRIER FABRIC: This heavy-duty landscape fabric will keep your garden and yard weed-free. Protect your mulch and ground cover from weeds easily and safely.
  • PROTECT PLANTS AND GARDENS FROM PESTS: Keep in moisture to make your flowers and plants pop! Keep in water and keep out pests such as insects, beetles, rabbits, ants, and deer.
  • NO-FUSS SETUP: This lightweight woven landscaping fabric can be installed by anyone quickly. Cut with ease, and customize for your unique garden space. Create a grass barrier with erosion control that will leave your garden looking professionally done.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SIZE: This garden fabric roll is 3 feet wide and 100 feet long, also available in other sizes.
  • DISCOVER THE PROFESSIONAL GARDENING SOLUTION – The ECOgardener ultimate pro weed barrier landscape fabric is here to make your life easier and 100% hassle-free. Designed to provide unparalleled weed control, this premium weed barrier fabric will skyrocket your productivity and efficiency!
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