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Ashman Garden Decor

Ashman Online Heavy Duty Trellis for Garden and Climbing Plants and Vines, Great for Ivy, Roses, Cucumbers, Clematis - 70 inches Tall, Standard Design 1 Pack

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  • A Home for your Climbing Plants: a perfect place for all climbing plants in your outdoor space. The design allows for maximum growth and optimal space for your plants and vines by keeping them organized and untangled from the rest of your garden.
  • Beautiful and Practical: A statement piece in any backyard or garden. Create an arch of roses, vegetables, grapes, peas, or whatever you please! Trellis create a unique focal point for your climbing garden.
  • Create Your Own Unique Fence: These flower trellises can be grouped together to create a true statement fence for the garden of your dreams.
  • Easy to Setup and Move : Assemble and setup in minutes, lightweight enough for people of all ages to use and enjoy.
  • Dimensions: Made of strong steel and coated with rust-resistant powder coating, 70 inches high 20.5 inches wide.
  • Customer satisfied product: Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.
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