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Ashman Post Driver/Rammer (Medium)

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Ashman Post Driver Medium

A post rammer is a heavy-duty tool for the physical ramming of posts into the ground. The post rammer is ideal for stock fencing on paddocks and boundary fencing. It is a lot easier than digging a hole or using a heavy mallet. It is a simple design but effective for installing fence posts.

In an effort to enlighten you on how to use the post rammer. 

  • Mark where the new post is to be installed
  • By hand place post point into the ground
  • Put rammer over the end of the wooden post
  • Hold vertical in a plumb position
  • Lift rammer to the top of the post
  • Bring down with force
  • Impact Post with your Rammer, this will force the post into the ground
  • After every few impacts check post for plumb
  • Rotate the Rammer every few impacts