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Ashman Bird Feeding Station, (Bird Station 5 Prongs with Hanging Suet Feeder), 22" Wide x 91" Tall with Top Hook, Two Small Arms and Water Dish, Hanging Suet Cage Bird Feeder Stand

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Product Description

Premium Bird Station

Enjoy Ashman Bird Feeding Station From the Comfort of Your Home!

High Quality Bird Feeding Station Feed and watch wild birds from the comfort of your home!

Attract a wide variety of birds by offering a diverse array of bird food in different types of feeders.

Small Hook


Mesh Tray


Small Arm

Bird Feeder Station Small Arm useful for hanging bird feeders to attract all kinds of wild birds

Attachment Prong

A pole stabilizer will help keep your outdoor feeding station post standing straight and upright, preventing it from tipping over, stopping and avoiding unnecessary spilling of seeds. Purchase one or two stabilizers depending on your needs and load imbalance. Two units can be stacked to achieve a 4-prong effect.

Mesh Tray

Premium Bird Feed Station Mesh Holder To Hold Sued Cake

Bird Bath Holder

Metal Ring for holding Bird bath tray

Bird bath tray

Double Hook

Premium Poles


Bird Bath Tray

The plastic tray serves as a hanging bird bath.

Top Hook

Twin top level hooks are great for hanging hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders which are effective in attracting smaller birds like finches, chickadees, titmice, and sparrows.

Extension poles for bird station and easily extendable.