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Ashman Rebar Stake Anchor 12 Inches in Length, Ideal for Securing Animals, Tents, Canopies, Sheds, Car Ports, Swing Sets (Reber Stake 8 Pack)…

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Add BEAUTY TO YOUR LIVING SPACE - A very useful tool for outdoor activity, our J hook can help you to hold down the swing sets, slides, fences, yard decorations, tents, nets, prevent the tents or sheds from slipping away in winds.

Securing your pet fence is important for not only keeping your dog or cat but for keeping wild animals outside of the fence that may try to hurt the pet. For hard or rocky soil, we suggest installing these 12" rebar stakes to the bottom of your outdoor pet enclosure. These 12" J Hook ground stakes are made from hardened 3/8" rebar with a hook end for secure fastening to the ground. Place this type of fence stake every 5 feet along the bottom of your animal fence.

GALVANIZED – These pegs are fully galvanized meaning they will not rust in wet/damp conditions making them tougher and more durable than non-galvanized ground pegs.

WEATHER RESISTANT - Heavy-duty and weather-resistant (Galvanized) products can stand up to harsh weather conditions and last up to 20 years.

DESIGN - No auxiliary tool needs, the chisel pointed end makes the rebar stakes penetrate into hard clay or rocky soils easily, you can step on it to make the rebar stake inset into the ground deeper.

Ashman Rebar Stake Anchor