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Ashman Square Shovel (Large) – (1 Pack) – 41 Inches Long D Handle Grip – The Blade Weighs 2.2 Pounds and has a Fiber Glass Handle – Premium Quality Multipurpose Square Shovel Strong Build.

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    Ashman Square Shovel – A Shovel with a 41 Inches Long D Handle Grip

    The Ashman Square Shovel is a well-blended combination of ergonomically crafted structure, premium quality, and everlasting durability along with two-handed control. The design is inspired by the extent of practical usability of the product. We have used it in practical scenarios and have built and rebuilt the product to finally reach a prototype that is worthy of being in the customer's hands.


    We build by examples drawn from nature. The Square shovel has a 41 inches Fiber handle meshed with a D- Handle grip on the top and a heavy-duty blade at the bottom to form a masterpiece that can be easily used for transplanting small bushes and trees, lawn edging, dividing perennials, cutting sod and small roots and trenching. The build and design draw the forces in the right direction to help cut and slice through comfortably.

    Build & Construction

    The Ashman Square Shovel has every nook and corner of the body fitted with the right parts placed at the right places to drive the delivery of utmost efficiency at work. The product has a unibody construction so that there is no loss of forces along the shaft when working.

    The Ashman Square Shovel has been built with one purpose in mind and that is exceeding the customer's expectations and outperforming the competition. We ensure that our product goes through rigorous quality and testing standards. When the product reaches you, it's ready to dig into the work directly and showcase its excellence.

    All you need to do, to experience hassle-free work progress, is to get the Ashman Square Shovel and use it. So why wait anymore? Get the Ashman Square Shovel now and put it right to work!!!