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Ground Anchor 30 Inch Heavy Duty, 1 Pack

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Our Ground Anchor Features Majestic Quality, Longevity & Quality Design!!

If you've clicked on this page we know that you are interested in details of the most versatile ground anchoring system yet devised!

Permanent or Temporary Anchors? We've got the solution

The Ashman ground anchor is designed for anchoring trees, wooden or metal play structures firmly to the ground. The unique spiral design makes it easy to turn the anchor into the ground. This shape also optimizes the transport volume because they can be packed more compactly in a box.

Creative Outdoor Ashman ground anchors.

For use in securing personal property to the ground in the event of wind, storm or as a theft deterrent. This product is made by of cold, rolled steel for durability and strength.

Key Features:

  • Strong in all potential directions of loading.
  • Life span of anchor system is not limited by sun light exposure.
  • Last for years & years with proper care!
  • Special designs can be flush mounted for patio applications.