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Ashman 24 inch Auger Made of heavy duty steel and has a 24 inch long helical screw blade.

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The Ashman 24 Inch Auger -It is Made of Heavy Duty Steel and Has a 24 Inch Long Helical Screw Blade

High strength steel material and superior craftsmanship for quick and clean earth hole drilling

These soil-digging augers are a brilliant way to plant bulbs, particularly in heavier soils. They're especially great if you have loads to do, as you can drill planting holes in record time. The best way to use them is to dig the holes in stages, lifting it out once or twice so the loosened soil is deposited next to the hole. Once the hole is deep enough, pop a bulb in the bottom (pointy side up) and refill with the loose soil. The ingenious tool can also be used for aerating the compost heap.

Ideal use as post hole digger, Our power earth auger makes it more efficient to plant gardens, add onto a landscape or dig post holes. It is an easy alternative to a shovel or post hole digger. They work well to plant annuals, perennials, trees or shrubs in gallon-sized pots. (Cucumber and yam readily come to one's mind here).

The portable, small size makes it a convenient and worthy asset. It is made in a good size for root aeration, and for installing smaller plant stakes or poles.